Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who doesn't love a good, long, soul-searching, junk food-consuming, caffeine-chugging road trip?   Sometimes, solo road trips are the best!  I've gone on a couple of good ones in the past few years (to waaaaay upstate NY to the Miner Institute where I interned at Morgan horse farm, to Dalhart TX to visit hubby before he became hubby and to Midway, KY to visit a long lost friend (who I actually got to know while at Miner!). 

Reunited and it feels so gooood!!
Natasha and I met and instantly bonded over the joys of shoveling horse poop, butt-crack of dawn work days, putting up hay, and other fun types of manual labor that go along with summer internships.  We where from totally opposite parts of the country (MO vs. PA) and discovered that we where essentially the out-of-state versions of each other!  We hadn't been able to meet up again (due to the fact that we are both broke, recent-ish college grads) until this most recent road trip.  She's working with kick-ass Thoroughbreds at Lane's End Farm in Midway, KY and I am super jealous!

Lanes End is gorgeous!

Even with dead grass!  It's everywhere this year.

The barns...pristine! 

I feel like you could eat off the floor!
The yearlings...ginormous!  I seriously have never seen a yearling this big before.  They grown 'em big in KY!

Natasha with one of her fav's.  She loves these guys!
Midway is probably one of the most quaint and character-filled little towns I've been to.  High dollar Thoroughbred farms are everywhere and center of town is has a bunch of cute little shops and this new little place called The Midway School Bakery.  We went there Sunday for breakfast (breakfast at 1pm because apparently bars in KY don't shut down 'til 3am, which is waay too crazy for this midwest girl!!).  It's located in the cafeteria of town's school that was shut down years ago. 

They had pictures like this hanging throughout the bakery telling about it's history, etc.  Pretty sure my mom, a present day cafeteria lady, would appreciate this!!

Monday morning was back to reality, Natasha had to go back to work and I went for a run (in preperation for my road trip junk food fest!) and loved all the sites. 

Reasons why living here would be sweet:
1) Most of the roads around town where little country lanes like this, perfect for running on!

 2) I already picked out the almost perfect house.  It's missing a wrap around porch, but hey, sell a few high dollar horses and boom, add on your wrap around porch.

 3) Horses everywhere!  Racing Thoroughbreds are worked with and handled starting at such a young age (pretty much once they hit the ground) that they are super people friendly!  I made some friends while running. 

Walking towards the strange, out of breath lady.

They walked right up to me!  So curious.

4) I'm not sure this counts as a reason why living in KY would be awesome, but it is a random, fun fact.  The happy meal at McDonalds came with tiny french fries!  Maybe this happens everywhere and MO is just weird, but the tiny french fry container was a crazy, palm-sized phenomenon! 

Back in MO with our boring-sized french fries,

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