Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cow(boy) Butts

The other night I went to work with that devilishly handsome man I married to help him feed all 114ish of the January bull calves.  By hand.  Which involves hauling buckets of hand.  Lots and lots of buckets.  Buckets of buckets. Ha.  Luckily I got distracted by taking pictures!

Anyway, according to his boss, by the time this period in the bull calves' lives is over, hubby's gonna be a hulked out muscle man...aka more than he already is...aka oh baby oh baby!  Ha.

So back to business, whoops.  These kids are roughly 8ish months old and where recently weaned from their mommas, so it's kind of a stressful time in their wee little 500lb lives.  For that reason it's muey important that they get adequate nutrition, appropriate husbandry, etc.  Hubby feeds 'em by hand and walks through the herd every day to make sure they're all eating and that no one looks sick.

I love it when they line up at the feed bunk!  It cracks me up.   It also cracks me up when they decide to stand in the feed bunk.   Why does this seem like a good idea??  Weirdos. 

Taken in early spring...check out that grassy-type stuff!

 Stay tuned for more weird animal stories.  There's lots of material for that around here!

The End

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