Friday, October 26, 2012

Have you had your half today?

Friends and neighbors, I've got a new addiction.  At least I think it's an addiction anyway.  Unlike most, it's actually pretty good for you besides the fact that your bones and muscles will likely hate you for days afterward.  My new addiction is the half-marathon.  The 13.1 mileage says "I'm more bad-ass than a 5K, yet way too sensible to run 26 flippin' miles."

Last weekend in St. Louis, one of my fabulous aunts and I tackled (and dominated!) our first ever half-marathon.  The Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series was so much fun!  There where live bands every mile or so, and awesome people everywhere!  There where some pretty hilariously costumed teams (we're talking tutu's, firefighter garb, I Love the 70's, you name it!), and super encouraging people along the way.

This is definitely the before way in heck we where taking an after pic!!  

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. 

The announcers called it "No excuses weather."  Luckily, my excuse was that I've never ran one of these things before.  The course wound through downtown St. Louis.  It may or may not have been the day after a Cardinals game, therefore the majority of town may or may not have been covered in red!  

Hello Busch Stadium!

While this was definitely one heck of a fun experience, I would be lying if I didn't say that one of my favorite parts was the end.  Talk about butt-kicking!  Every eligible runner was provided with complimentary Michelob Ultra at the finish Busch Light taste buds didn't know what to do!  I definitely meant to take a pic of said beer, however my ass was too pooped to do anything other than park in front of this conveniently-located mobile bar and recover while waiting for my aunt to finish.  We are definitely related, cause she made a bee-line right for the same refreshing beverage station once she crossed the finish line!    

So the moral of the story is, even if you're intimidated or unsure of yourself, even if you know you don't want to run the whole thing, even if you know for sure you're going to walk the whole time...just try it.  You'll love the energy and enthusiasm (and free beer) at these half marathons and who knows, maybe you'll find yourself a new addiction too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Plug in Your Crockpots!

So, today I learned that crockpots work much better when they're plugged in, it's usually good to double check the date/details of that half-marathon you're supposidly running tomorrow, and it's basically impossible to simultaneously blog and watch a scary movie at the same time.

All day today, I told that devilishly handsome man I married "get excited honey, supper's gonna be delish tonight!"  I'd prepped everything the night before over a glass of wine (pay attention, wine is important here, haha!); we where gonna have  ribs...every man loves him some ribs.  Anyway, I opened this new bottle of vino with my fancy schmancy electric bottle opener, the kind you plug in to charge every once in a while (I had to plug it in last night cause I haven't charged it since ummm, May).  We'd gotten it as a wedding present and yes, I'm just now learning how to use this thing...I fear change.  Opening wine bottles the old fashioned way is an artform friends.  Needless to say, I unplugged the crockpot to plug in the bottle opener.   This morning when I turned on the crockpot and left for work, I ended up crockpotting absolutely nothing. 

Oh yeah,  that half marathon that I was supposidly gonna run tomorrow?  Turns out it's important to read all those emails they send ya after you register...there's some good info there.        

Anyway, thank goodness for aunts who inform you of pre-race details in a timely fashion, and husbands who take you out to eat and watch these scary-ass movies with you.  

Failing at Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I failed.  'At what?' you may be asking.  At Wednesday; I just straight-up failed at Wednesday.

Here's a little background:
We'd been searching for a new/additional freezer for quite a while.  We've got a quarter of a beef coming + whatever deer meat gets harvested this season + half a hog from a show-prospect that didn't quite turn out.  Basically, my home will soon be full of meat (heehee), which is something I won't ever be complaining about!

That devilishly handsome man I married also happens to be one heck of a bargain shopper, so he located an ideal freezer candidate early last week (which happened to be located in the town I work in--aka 45 miles away from our home).  No biggie, I'm a big girl, and felt I could easily handle this whole freezer situation.  He called up the nice lady and had everything all arranged so that I could pick up the freezer on Wednesday after work. The sooner the better, they were looking to get rid of it as soon as possible.   

Wednesday dawned bright and chilly, and I was actually kicking that morning right in the badonkadonk!  (Translation: got out of bed, accomplished a little mornin' working out, stuck dinner in the crockpot so it'd be ready that evening, AND DID MY HAIR!  The hair part basically never happens.)

Anyway, there I was, kicking Wednesday in the butt!  I turned on my lil car to get her all pre-heated and toasty, grabbed my lunch and giant purse, and ran out the door.  Fast forward nearly half an hour and damn near 25 miles.  I'm halfway to work in my car when the phone starts ringing.  Immediately I get that feeling, "What in the WORLD am I forgetting?"

Turns out it's hubby, "Hey babe, do you have money for the freezer this afternoon?"
Me: "Yep, I grabbed your checkbook this morning (being married is the best, heehee!!), but ya know what I didn't grab?"
Hubby: "What's that?"
Me: "The flippin' pick-up!  I'm halfway to town in my car, looks like I'll be turning around at the next exit.  Oh p.s. any chance your truck has fuel in it?"
Hubby:  "Welllllll, I was almost home when i drove it last, figured I'd just fill it up next time I had to take it outt..."  Aka. the truck was basically on empty.  It'd be a miracle if I could make it to the nearest gas station.  This is why men frequently run out of fuel on the side of the road. 

Anyway, I arrived back at the homestead, sent a quick email to work explaning my ridiculousness, switched vehichles, got fuel, and made it to town by 8:30...not too shabby for a rough startin' Wednesday!  Hang in there kids, it's finally Friday.