Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missouri State Fair

Fried food.  
Livestock shows.
Beer at unusual times of the day.
Fried food.
Live music while eating fried food.
And last, but certainly not least...Agriculture expositions of every kind!

Yep, it's Missouri State Fair time again!  This showcase of Missouri's agricultural industry has been around for 110 years!  That devilishly handsome man I married and his family make the annual pilgrimage here every year to see how their livestock holds up against competitors around the state, and to have a great time!  It's been a favorite family vacation for years.  In fact, the first time I met the aforementioned devilishly handsome man was at the fair three years ago after spending waaaay too much time in the wine tasting tent...Missouri wines, look 'em up!    

Anyway, I didn't think we 'clicked' at the time, but he still reminds me about the first time he laid eyes on me that evening under the neon lights of the midway...SO romantic!  Ha!  Ever the sentimental guy, he asked me the very best question ever last year at the fair in a much more quaint park in a quieter part of the grounds.  I said 'yes' and now here we are!         

His family camps in the same spot every year, conveniently located right outside this tunnel that leads into the fairgrounds.  This was the very first day of the fair, before all the craziness starts, the calm before the storm.   

This is the hog barn, it's smelly and pigs make really loud noises one of hubby's favorite places.  Ha.

One of the MANY places where fried food and beer are available at odd hours of the day.

Ahhh!!  Here's another one!  They're around every corner...luckily they weren't open at 7am as I was walking into the grounds.  
Who doesn't need a trailer?
Automatic waterers...potentially one of my favorite inventions ever
Some of the many vendors that set up their goods on the fairgrounds. 

 Header for a combine

Cattle working facilities.  A certain man I know could look at these alllllll day...not kidding.
Tractors of all shapes and sizes and prices and colors and uses....

And all the implements that go with 'em!  The big green thing in the background is a soybean header.  You use it to harvest soybeans (which I talked about here).  It actually goes on a combine, not a tractor.  I like to keep ya on your toes!

There were TONS of campers for sale.  Some where tiny, some where pretty comfy, one cost $90,000 and was nicer than my house will ever be. 

The calm before the storm.  I took all of these photos on the opening day of the fair, before anyone was really up and around yet.  Stay tuned for some before and after pics!

**Keep calm, it's almost Friday**

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