Monday, August 13, 2012

A case of the (hermit) crabs

Hi!  Vacay is over and we're back to the real world.  I'm working on a healthy-sized post about our recent experiences at the Missouri State Fair (aka vacay), but until that exciting piece of literature is done, feast your eyes on our office mascot.  They're a couple of crabs.  Hermit crabs.  They were generously donated by a co-worker's 7-year old to my office-mate.

Crab-zilla and Truman.  I have no idea which one is which.
 They're a weird source of daily entertainment.  Once Liz (my office-mate) figured out what their creepiness needed to thrive, they came out of their shells a little.  Haha!  Shells! 

Crab-zilla (or Truman??) making a break for the edge!

In training to do office work
"That's right...grab the writing utensil leeetle kvab."  
Your regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow.  Until then...don't judge me!     

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