Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, seeing how it's officially January 20th, I guess it may be time to make some New Year's Resolutions.  Here we go: 
  1.  Quit procrastinating so much.  (You can see how well this is working out so far ;) )
  2.  Blog at least once per week (Hey, I can't guarantee the content will be anything decent, but maybe if I tell someone, I'll actually do it!)
  3.  Run another half marathon  (Who consults their still mending body when writing Resolutions  anyway?!)
  4.  Quit obsessing about trying to get 'there' and live in the moment more often.
  5.  Take WAY more photos.
  6.  Convince hubby that it's a good idea to get some chickens.  

Alright everyone, get out there and kick 2013 in the booty!  (Like I'm sure you've already been doing!)