Saturday, November 3, 2012


The other evening, I stopped at our local grocery store on my way home from All Saints' Day Mass.  I was driving the hubby's pick-up, had just hopped out of the cab and was slowly making my way across the parking lot.

I was still half-way across the lot and attempting to text my good friend Katlyn and walk at the same time (aka asking for trouble), when I briefly glimpsed a tall, dark, boot-wearing individual strolling out of the grocery store doors.  Seeing as how I'm happily married to a wonderful man, I didn't pause to get a good look at this boot-wearing dude, and wasn't really paying attention, so I vaguely filed this individual as "Hm, cutie, whatev" in my head while sidestepping a random cart in the parking lot.  

Next thing I half-notice is a hassled looking lady toting an over-full cart and a toddler across the parking lot.  A bag fell out of the hassled lady's cart without her knowing it and the next, next thing I notice is  tall, dark, boot-wearing cutie picking up the hassled lady's bag, "Excuse me ma'am, I think you dropped this," he said, handing the bag back to her.  Still not really paying attention, I think "Oh look, he's nice too."  Then I do a double take.  Then I do a triple take.  I know those boots...I know that voice...I know that cutie-ness...Hey that's my husband!!!  He'd stopped at the grocery store after work to bring home some dinner.  

So nice to know I married such a tall, dark, handsome, boot-wearing, kind-hearted, wonderful man.  He's the bomb :)

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