Monday, September 24, 2012

Mattresses, Wine, & Owls

You may or may not be wondering what in the world these three things have to do with each other...just be patient, we'll get there together, I promise.

Waaay back when we first got married (aka, like four months ago, haha!), that devilishly handsome man and I went furniture shopping for our very first house together.  Sears now owns my life.  So does Denver Mattress.  Which brings me to my first point: mattresses.

It is muey importante to NOT cut corners when it comes to the ol' beddy-bye.  After all, that's where you and your sugar are going to rest your little heads at night for years to come (i.e. if you skimp on your mattress, it's highly likely you will be pissed in the long run, and end up with a not-so-comfy bed for a long ass time).  Anyway, there we where newly married, holding hands, shoppin' for mattresses.  We stumbled across a fabulous deal towards the end of the day; it was one of those tempur pedic-type things where you can set your wine glass on one end of the bed, jump up and down on the other end, and have absolutely no spillage!!  (I have never had a problem with this, my wine glass is and always will be nice and empty before I go to bed, heehee.)

This particular mattress was the last one in stock, (and consequently hellaciously on sale) and was the kind that is split right down the middle; half firm, the other half soft.

"Oh honey, you can take the soft side," I said.  "This firm side will be great for my old lady back!"

And so we went about our lives for a couple of weeks, I enjoyed the firm side, while the hubster nestled in the softer side.  Everything suddenly changed one Saturday when he had to get up early and head to work.  I sleepily rolled into his warm spot, and was instantaneously the most comfy I'd ever EVER!  I usually try and get up semi-ish early on Saturdays (those are my long run days), but on that particular Saturday, my phone got chucked across the room and I enjoyed that soft side as long as I was able. 

Now flash forward several months to this past weekend.  I'm a lady of my word, and let hubby keep his side (while snuggling as close as I can to get some of the soft-ness, heehee).  They've been super busy at work lately, so the hubby has been getting up early.. attempting to not sleep as late.. fighting like hell to extract himself from the soft side in order to get to work at first light.  On Friday night he said to me, "Babe, you can have the soft side, I've gotta start getting up earlier."  After celebrating like the Chiefs had just won the Superbowl (bahaha!), I planted a smooch on the BEST HUSBAND EVER! and snuggled down into the soft side of the mattress for a fabulous night of sleep.

I should probably mentioned that the soft side is closer to our bedroom window than the firm side.  Because it's been so nice lately, we've been leaving the window open at night to enjoy the fresh air, etc.  I don't know if it's because I was closer to the window or what, but during that first night of sleeping on the soft side I heard a sound that made me sit bolt upright in bed: OWLS!  A couple of 'em, hooting around and doing who-knows-what outside our window waaaay too late at night.  I've posted about OWLS here before...pony-tail grabbing, blind as a bat, early morning runner startling OWLS!

Needless to say, our window is now closed at night.  And I still get to sleep on the soft side, woohoo!!  Now go drink some wine, enjoy your mattress, and don't have weird dreams about owls.


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  1. Matteress choosing is difficult, and then you have to go select the right pillow density and size. It's a tricky business!