Saturday, September 22, 2012


Every now and again, your husband may decide to make beef jerky with his fancy dehydrator thing.

The dehydrator.  It lives in the mudroom.  Takes up too much counter space!
 Every now and again, he might salt the heck out of said jerky.   Aka prepare to drink a boat load of water!

But it's all good, someday I'll use that dehydrator to do something really make dried fruit or something.  In my free time.  HA!  (ie. I will probably never make dried fruit.  But I'd like to.  Kinda like that moment when you realize you'll never complete even 1/100th of the cool things you've pinned on Pinterest.  Life goes on.)

Anyway, when you're making jerky in a dehydrator, you've gotta rotate the trays every four hours (so every layer can be dried evenly).  It's not that it's a time comsuming activity, just something to think about/is on your conscious radar throughout the day. 
Rotate your dang trays!

Here is a sign your husband may be thinking entirely way too much about rotating his jerky trays:

Scene: Early morning, both sound asleep, sun is still down.
Hubs:  Thrashes wildly, sound of water spilling.
Me: Rolls over,  "Huuhhh?..."
Hubs: "It's ok honey, I just knocked over a glass of water."
Me: "Why?.."
Hubs: "Well, I dreamed I was changing the jerky trays and was surrounded by a pack of wolves.  They where trying to get my jerky and I had to keep swatting 'em away!  So I guess I swatted this glass of water instead."
Me: "Bahaha!  I'm just glad I didn't get unconsciously swatted by accident!"

Think of me next time you enjoy some tasty jerky. (And keep me in mind if you run across a recipe that uses less salt!)


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