Friday, January 8, 2010

You really just can't make this stuff up

Ever have one of those days? Well then get ready for this story!

It’s 4:30pm Thursday evening; me and a couple other girls have just
finished feeding horses up at the University barn. One of the girls comes
up to me,

‘The automatic waterer in the weanlings pasture is broken,’

Me: "What?! They just fixed it Tuesday afternoon, must be the cold’’
(It was definitely 5 freakin' degrees yesterday afternoon)

So we call up the boss lady and are instructed to dump the 150
gallon tank from the indoor arena and haul it over to the pasture
and fill it with water. At this point I send the girls home
(they’re volunteers who aren’t getting paid to stand out in 5 degree
weather, I’m barn staff and most definitely am!)

Ok, tank dumped…loaded in truck…dropped off at front east
pasture. Wait a sec, the gate is frozen shut! Not a prob, I’ll just
chuck the 150 gallon thing over the fence. Whew!

Ok, tank in place…hose carried over…attached to nearest spicket
and filling tank with water. (At this point Amanda, another
barn staff worker, is on her way to the farm with
extension cord/another tank for the indoor arena/
heater for water tank).

I go inside the boarding barn to feed Elliot and wait for the
tank outside to fill.

(Ummmm...hi! Feed me now, please!)

……………………………20 mins later………………………………..........................

Me: ‘I’ll go outside and see how full the tank is,’ My happy ass heads back
out into the arctic blast, sees that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WATER in
said tank, and immediately assumes that the hose has frozen solid.

Ok, haul the huge, frozen hose into the heated bathroom of the boarding
barn. Head back to the spicket and start carrying buckets of water to
and from the still sadly empty tank. This idea had the potential to work
swimmingly, until I lift the handle of the spicket only to find that it too
has frozen completely solid!

(Spicket-much like the one in our story...
only not freakin frozen solid!)

It was just like the scene from The Day After Tomorrow where the cold
front is moving across NYC and freezing everything in its path.

At this point bawling my eyes out is pretty much the only logical option
to me; its 6pm, dark, freezing cold, and windy as hell. So I call up poor
Amanda who is on her way back from the store with everything and
we decide that the only possible thing left to do is fill buckets in the
boarding barn, put ‘em in the back of her truck, and haul ‘em over to
the stupid water tank--we only need to fill it half way in order for the
heater to properly do its job.

Amanda and her fiance arrive, we start hauling buckets back and forth,
and it only takes 2 trips before the tank is half full (or empty if you
choose to be that way!).

Tank-taken care of!
Extension cords-sufficiently long enough to reach from arena post
to tank!
Water heater-in place and working!

(This is the offending water tank the following morning)

Woohoo!!! I finally get to go home after being a dang Eskimo for the
past 3 hours!

………………………………....THE END……………………………….............

HAHA! I wish! It only gets better…

I go home, take the best shower ever, fingers are still tingling from the
cold, scarf down some soup and head over to Adam and Emily’s house
to chillax and watch movies.

I’m almost there, exiting off the highway when truckey decides she hates
me. The battery indicator light turns on, power steering goes away, I have
no acceleration, the lights are dimming, the radio shuts off, and I’m
coasting into the parking lot of a super sketchy gas station.

What to do?? Call the BF of course!

Me: “Adam what do I do? This, this and this just happened to my truck
and now I’m stuck in the sketchy gas station parking lot!”

Adam: “Ok, just relax, I’ll be there in a sec.”

Luckily he doesn’t live very far at all so I just hunker down in the
rapidly cooling off truck and wait a few minutes.

Then, I have no idea why, but I get the genius idea to try and start
truckey up again. And it’s a miracle! She starts right up on the first
try! So we limp on over to Adam and Emily’s and then to the mechanic
shop in the morning’.

And finally…the moral of the story is…there is none!

Winter sucks!

(Yeah, I think so too!)

: )


  1. You and your finger pictures! haha! Miss you!

  2. My poor baby..glad it worked out!