Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey, horses like playin in the snow too!

So I'm kind of excited because it's only 10am and the temperature is
already the highest it's been for the past week (aka. 11's
pretty much a tropical heat wave)

Yesterday morning, however, this was not the case.

(Yep, that's right...-6)
This was me driving out to feed horses at about 7:30am. (Note the double
layer of gloves, sweet MU colored knitted hat, and early morning glare,
heehee) It may or may not have been just a little bit chilly.
But horses are horses, and they've gotta eat and drink too, so what else
can ya do?
You'd think that its a people-kinda-thing to want to play in the snow right?
Nope, not so much! Here's a couple of our horses that could care less about
what temperature is...they just wanna play : )
This is Champ, goofing/showin' off to the mares in the next pasture.
He's our newest stallion and is a cremello (aka. he has pink skin, blue eyes,
and a creamy colored coat. ) I'm not a nerd, I promise!

Here's good ol' Elliot! Galavanting around like a silly young thing.
You'd never guess that this old coot just turned 24!

Elliot again. Kiddo, tell me why it's a good idea to roll in the snow?
He's goofy, what can I say
Stay warm out there!

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