Monday, July 30, 2012

Why you should always wear pointy toed boots to work

I heard somewhere once that wearing pointy toed shoes automatically classifies a gal as 'high maintenance.'  When I heard these words of wisdom, I'm pretty sure I was about 19 or 20 and about as low maintenance as they come.  Sure, I appreciated a good, no-nonsense toe on my boots (and still do!), but having to buy cereal in a bag, wine in a box, plastic-like cheese packaged in individual wrappers, and beer made from rice during the good ol' college days was just about as far from high maintenance as anyone can get!

Luckily, several years and a big kid job later, I can now offer some well earned words of wisdom on the practicality of pointy toed boots.  Not only are they good for encouraging a sassy horse to mind, pointy toed boots are also excellent tools in pest control.  I'm not just talking about annoying, pesky boy-type pests here...I'm talking about the real deal.  The antennae waving, too many leg having, crunchy sounding real pest-y deal. 

Yep, way too big and crunchy to be allowed.  Barf.  I'm so glad we could share this moment. 

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