Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haulin' Hay

The hubby and I hauled hay the other day.  Which actually means I sat in the tractor and 'supervised.'  Not really.  I sat in the bouncy little sidekick seat and enjoyed some quality time with the devilishly good looking man I married.   

Anywho, this is the proper procedure for haulin' hay...
1) Take your tractor, your hay trailer, and your oh so useful wife out to the baled hay pasture.  This is the trailer we used the other day.

2) Park your hay trailer somewhere and find yourself a lone round bale.  Now spear the heck out of  it! 

3) Take your bale, tractor, and wife back over to the hay trailer and drop off your speared chunk of forage.  But do it carefully or the trailer's gonna tip...this definitely DIDN'T happen...hehe.

Why in the world did I think it was a good idea to snap all these photos from inside the cab??

4) Repeat step 1-3

5) Make you fall in love with meeee! (Name that 90's song!)

5) (For real) The trailer we used could hold six bales, so after loading up six, we speared a seventh with the front bale spike (cause farmers are efficient like that) and hauled everything over to the hay yard. 

6) And unloaded it all from the trailer in nice, straight rows.  I don't know if I can express how bumpy and rutted-up the hay yard was...I think my teeth almost fell out!  I know my badonkadonk left the seat and I'm pretty sure we were airborne on more than one occasion (just kidding).  That's what happens when you have to use a tractor to feed round bales to the cows in the winter time when the ground is half frozen, half mud, and all gross.      

7) Then did the whole thing all over again! And again, and again, and again...

This was actually taken in the early spring.  See all that weird, green stuff on the ground??  Totally a foreign concept right now.
Now these girls will have something to eat come winter time!  Gotta feed the cow so the cow can feed you.  Now go have some beef for dinner, Matthew McConaughey says so!

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