Monday, February 22, 2010

Cats may or may not be kinda dumb!

The other morning I clocked in to work at EMS and was walking down to one of the
barns to start feeding. I had just wheeled the grain cart out of the feed room
when I heard one of the barn cats, MK, meowing up a storm from somewhere

(Now, you would think that MK would stand for "Mary Kay" right?
Nope, not at good old EMS! Here it stands for Manure Kitty...apparently
our barn cat is the same color as manure?? Hey, I don't ask questions, I just work

ANYWAY...I hear the cat yowling up a storm and go asearchin' to try and figure what
the problem is. So I'm wandering up and down the barn aisle and finally poke my
head into a stall at the end of the aisle and this is what I find...

Yep! That's right!! Our dumbass cat is stuck up in the hay manger!
After laughing for about 15 minutes straight, I grab a bucket to stand on
and try to convince the dummy to come down. Not gonna lie, my face
was a little afraid for it's life...all I could picture was this cat flying
out of the manger towards my face, claws outstretched, my face
in shreds. But it all turned out alright!

MK lived to climb into hay mangers another day and I got a spectacular
laugh out of the whole thing.

: )

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  1. Yippy! I haven't checked in here for awhile. Keep writing stuff, I like it!
    Love, your Momma